Virtual Girlfriend Service

Models over the age of eighteen are required for the 'virtual Girlfriend Service'.  Earn fantastic money with a set of virtual boyfriends to message and entertain on a daily basis.  This is an online virtual service only, and 'girlfriends' will never meet with their online 'boyfriends' but simply swap texts, instant and Facebook messages via our secure anonymous network.  For even better earnings you can also choose to participate in our platinum VIP packages where daily photos are sent to your users for even greater rewards. 


The virtual girlfriend service is completely anonymous and you will never have any real contact with the boyfriends that choose you.  We offer different package options to your virtual 'boyfriends' and models can choose to participate in one or more types of service.  Our basic packages involve sending instant and Facebook messages on a daily basis, but you will send these from our 'girlfriend' social media accounts - to keep your details private and safe at all times.  Some 'girlfriends' also choose to join in our VIP services, which earn greater rewards and include sending of photo-messages.  Our top packages include telephone chats with your 'boyfriends' but you can opt out of any service and you will always remain anonymous.  


Any girls aged eighteen or over can join our virtual girlfriend service, as guys will always like 'girlfriends' of all types, shapes and sizes.  The most important requirement is a fun, bubbly personality, for sending multiple messages and keeping your online 'boyfriends' entertained on a daily basis.   Chat operators will benefit from a flirty, outgoing personality to get the users completely hooked! 


Payouts are made every fourteen days via Paypal or direct to your nominated bank account (minimum payment applies). You will receive a twice-monthly pay slip detailing your daily earnings and percentage payouts so everything is clear and easy to understand.  All chat operators work on a self-employed basis and are responsible for paying relevant taxes within your country of residence. 


We can add you to our virtual girlfriend service and you can start hearing from your first 'boyfriends' within hours, and making lots of cash for simply messaging and having fun online.  Our top girls earn fantastic money and it's a fantastic way to earn easy cash if you have a social and flirty nature.  

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