Calendar Shoots

Minted Models are experts in this field and produce striking photography for many calendar producers.  We also manufacturer in-house calendars and arrange for distribution throughout the UK and Europe.  New faces are always required and we can offer calendar work to budding amateur, semi-pro and professional models.


Our calendar shoots take place in our studios around the UK, together with location shoots throughout Europe.  We have produced calendar photography for leading car tyre and alcohol manufacturers.  Shoots include beach themed locations at Minted Models Spain, and Black-Sea and mountain imagery from our base in Romania.  


Minted produce a variety of calendar artwork, with bookings in the categories of beach fashion (commercial), swimwear, swimwear (glamour), implied topless, topless, adult glamour, and adult.  However most artwork produced for the calendar market will tend to be in the glamour field with swimwear or topless modelling shots used by the majority of clients.  Calendar models will usually need to travel to one of our locations for a three day stay, with two days calendar shooting.


Minted generate many calendars of our own and can offer you superb rates for the production and manufacturer of your own model calendar.  There are various styles and types to choose from, and we can provide you with artwork taken in superb locations, together with the design and production of the calendar itself.  Many of our models produce their own calendar for sale or promotional purposes, as they can serve as an excellent marketing tool.  Start the new year with your own fashion or glamour calendar, please contact Minted for further details and pricing.


If you are an organisation or publishing house wishing to produce your own calendar for commercial purposes, Minted Models is the one-stop-shop for all the artwork you will require.  We can provide you with our catalogue of fashion, swimwear or glamour models to choose from, and produce stunning custom images on your behalf to your exact specifications.  Usual calendar instructions may include models posing in a specific way or holding, using or wearing any products or brands that you wish to promote.  Our bases in Spain and Australia offer the opportunity for year-round beach shoots, whilst our Europe offices offer the ability to shoot Red Sea imagery in the Summer, and cold-weather snow calendar shots in the Winter.

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