Hair Modelling

We provide hair models for castings around the globe and our Jobs Section always features current castings for semi and professional models.   We provide hair models to salons, corporate trade shows, and for national and international adverting campaigns.  If you have beautiful fantastic silky hair, without colours or perms, and are willing to model daring and creative styles, we would love to have you as part of our hair modelling team.


Hair modelling is the modelling of hair styles for corporate, brochure, trade-show or marketing purposes.  Models will be photographed modelling one or more stylists creations and images are usually taken in a head-shot style format.  Photoshoots are often arranged on-location at professional salons, and therefore local models are often required.


We have many international clients booking Minted hair models, for a variety of assignments. We hold regular studio based photo-shoots for modelling hair, hair accessories and head products.  We also arrange for the supply of models to hair salons and leading hair product manufacturers, for promotional and marketing shoots.  Promotional style models are also regularly booked for live modelling at hair industry trade shows and events.


Hair modelling is unique as the photographer will be entirely focused on the models head and hair, similar to a head-shot.  A slim figure is ideal although there are no height requirements for hair models.  To be casted for hair photoshoots, models will need to have beautiful hair, in good condition with no colours or perms.  Models must be willing to model daring or creative hair styles and have their hair cut or coloured as appropriate for the shoot. Hair models should have a beautiful face bone structure and skin complexion.


We provide all the help and advice you need, and can offer unlimited support and guidance to ensure that you have an exciting path ahead in the field of hair modelling. Longer hair is an advantage as it helps the stylists versatility, but no experience is necessary.  If you think you have what it takes, please take a few moments to create your free profile and set the ball rolling towards an exciting career in hair and beauty modelling.